The story of Filokiddo. 

While expecting my first baby, I was looking for gender-neutral baby items, though I found them very plain, both in colors and imagination. I stared illustrating a series of Australian animals to my coming bundle of joy. As my stomach grew so did the collection, the nursery was full of my imaginative animals.

My brand new baby was swaddled in his soft warm blanket, around 5 months of age he was rolling around on it, at 8 months he was discovering the illustrations and today, as a 3 year old boy, it is his favorite snuggle ‘blankie’ (as he calls it). He grew with it by his site.



Filokiddo’s first collection was knitted by women in Western Greece, an area that was deprived due to financial crisis. The second collection was mainly locally produced, in NL, handmade and with GOTS certified organic cotton. As parents, we care for our little one's skin and the environment he or she grow up in, being aware of the products they are surrounded by is significant. Therefore, we care of our production chain, quality and organic materials.




Filokiddo has donated teddy bears to various projects working with kids. Recently, in December 2021 Filokiddo donated 45 teddies to premature babies (and their parents) at Erasmus Hospital Rotterdam. We hope to donate many more in the future.  

Filokiddo, wall painting